As newcomers to Canada, a family from Ecuador is adjusting to life in a new country with support from The Salvation Army in Cobourg, Ont.

Internet Search
Eduardo, his wife and two young children, who are one and four years old, arrived in Canada in early December 2019.

“One of the first challenges we had was the weather,” says Eduardo. “We were not used to the cold but in time we started to learn more about the country, and we really like the environment and its people.”

Because the family had not yet received a work visa, they struggled financially and didn’t know where to go for help. The COVID-19 pandemic also delayed the processing of their immigration documents.

“After a few months, we learned about The Salvation Army, who helped us a lot,” says Eduardo. “One day, we were searching the internet to learn more about Canada and The Salvation Army appeared on our screen.”

Courteous Treatment
The Salvation Army in Cobourg is there for anyone in their time of need.

“We are providing the family with both physical and emotional support,” states Edward Nkyi, community and family services director at The Salvation Army in Cobourg. “If we don’t have the means to help, then we partner with another local agency to make sure we can.”

“As a newcomer family of Canada, The Salvation Army has assisted us with rent and utility payments, immigration information assistance, food vouchers, gas cards and so much more,” says Eduardo. “The people at The Salvation Army have a true heart. They are humble and have helped us a lot. We are very thankful. Their treatment toward our family has been courteous and all of them are very amiable.”

“A Big Thank You”
Until they receive a work permit, Eduardo and his wife cannot work or volunteer. Eduardo is an engineer with experience in the automotive industry and is anxious to begin working. His wife is taking English classes to help her settle into the community.

“We knew there was a lot we could do for the family. We helped them put food on the table and connected them to local resources,” says Edward.

Eduardo and his wife want what all families do, to provide for their children, to send them to school and to have opportunities open to them.

“Our family is really happy. Life in Canada is very different. Here, there is a lot of safety for my family,” says Eduardo. “A big thank you to the amazing team of staff and volunteers at The Salvation Army in Cobourg.”


On Friday, January 22, 2021, Frank Berry said:

We have visited the corps at cobourg as Salvationists when we visit our son and family who live in Cobourg and own the Castleton Hills campsite and will be visiting them again as soon as restrictions allow and hopefully the Corps will able to have services by then so that we will be able to attend once again. We are soldiers at the Red Deer Corps and we are having church via Zoom at present. You have a very friendly Corps and we love to attend while we are there.


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