Positioned for Growth

Keep looking forward.

Colin Powell, former United States secretary of state, offered some good advice—not only to new drivers, but to all of us on the highway of life—when he said, “Always focus on the front windshield and not the rear-view mirror.” That’s not to say one should ignore the rear-view mirror; it’s there for a purpose. Perhaps the wise approach would be to keep its size in proportion to the windshield in mind and look forward, with an awareness of what lies behind.

As we enter the next chapter of life and ministry for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda, we are focusing on the front view. We keep a glancing eye on the rear-view mirror, recognizing what God has done in and through our movement to bring us to this point in time. As we embark together on the “Mobilize 2.0—Inspired for Mission, Positioned for Growth” journey, we will choose to look forward with anticipation of all that God is doing and will yet do in and through The Salvation Army.

Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard said that “life can only be understood looking backwards, but it must be lived looking forward.” God gave a word to his people through the prophet Isaiah: “Forget the things that happened in the past. Do not keep on thinking about them. I am about to do something new” (Isaiah 43:18-19 NIRV). Note that these verses immediately follow a list of all that God had done—setting his people free from bondage and leading them through the Red Sea into the promised land. His instruction, following that appropriate glance in the rearview mirror, was to keep looking through the windshield. Looking back, they could understand the faithfulness of God, but life was to be lived looking forward, seeing the new thing God was doing.

As we capture the vision of where God is leading The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory, we are relying upon his Spirit to breathe a fresh wind into his Army. We are positioning for growth, setting our gaze forward to see the new thing God is doing. “It is beginning to happen even now. Don’t you see it coming?” (Isaiah 43:19 NIRV).

Commissioners Tracey and Floyd TiddCommissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd


On Friday, October 1, 2021, Randy Robinson said:

If there is a place of suffering and spiritual angst, it is in the university that the student faculty and staff lack ultimate purpose and meaning. All human theories are temporary while God's Word is eternal. If there is a place for growth, it is among this group of people. God chose Saul to reach out to this group. How can we minister in this context?

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