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A new approach to small group ministry for the adults in your church. It's not just incredible curriculum, it's a strategy to help your church become more effective with adult small groups.

Developed by the minds that brought you Orange and written by today's leading pastors and communicators, Live A Better Story is a subscription-based adult small group strategy that includes an ever-growing library of Bible studies. We say it's more than just a curriculum because it takes care of every aspect of small group ministry for your church.

It provides the structure for your church to set-up and launch small groups. It provides incredible resources to help prepare and support your small group leaders. And finally, it brings the Bible into practical, thought-provoking studies and series for the members of your small groups. The content, strategy and resources are designed to give each member a chance for a better story for their lives.


"The small group adult curriculum is rich, relevant and thought-provoking. Small groups will enjoy the teaching video, small group questions and daily scripture that is sure to encourage and inspire those seeking to build their relationship with Jesus and each other!"

-Heather Binkley

"So we went to reading the script. A bit better. Then that went to asking the questions. Breaking down the script with questions. Reading some more of script. Answering questions. Let me tell you we love it. We never have enough time to get through the conversation. We have had one adult who has been going to church for years actually accept the Lord for the first time. I have a 70's plus adult who tells me that she has been going to Sunday School since she was a kid and for the first time in her life she looks forward to coming on a Sunday morning."