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Live Compassion - Frontline Responder Feature:

We are pleased to bring you the story of two Salvationist young people who working on the frontlines of healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Peace Lin and Jorge Vargas share about their ministry as healthcare professionals and how you can pray for and support them and others like them.

One way you can show your support is to get the children at your corps to colour the activity sheets below and send them to a frontline responder as a note of encouragement. If you would like to send one directly to Peace or Jorge just send the paper or a picture of the child with the paper to and we will make sure it gets to Peace or Jorge.

Live Compassion Activity/Colouring Sheets:
As discussed in the Podcast above this set features frontline medical workers, Salvation Army community response and food services and online worship ministry.

Psychology of Crisis Webinar
 A "Crisis GPS" for spiritual leaders.
[PDF Summary]

"Youth Ministry in a Coronavirus World" Podcast
Listen in as Walt Mueller (CPYU) and a team of youth workers strategize on how to best navigate this landscape on spiritual hunger.

"Turning to Christ with our Anxiety" Podcast Walt Mueller (CPYU) talks with Dr. Ed Welch on how to address anxiety from a Biblical perspective with your children and teens.  Join them for a practical, helpful and timely discussion.

Colouring Art by Michelle Stoney - Gitxsan Artist Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about the beauty of creation and our responsibility to care for and appreciate all the complex living creatures around us.

Stoney Quarantine Colouring Challenge: "
ou have my permission to use this however you like, print it out, colour it on your phone , iPad , add to it, change it up, bead it , paint it ... anything goes. I just please ask that you do not use it for sale or for profit." -Michelle

Tag @mstoneyart on Facebook if you post your artwork or a photo.
There's also a link to support the artist!

Helpful Links:

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