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FAMILY CAMP from Home!
Is your family missing the opportunity to send your kids to camp?  Are you looking for ways to connect with your kids that doesn’t involve screen time?  Why not provide your family with camp experiences right where you are?  FAMILY CAMP from Home! Provides you with five easy to use camp activities that will help you have a camp experience, build connections with each other and God all from the comfort of your own home.  The best part is: No Screens Required!

Anger Management: 
Tools for parents to help their children cope with the stresses - and possible anger - experienced during social distancing, based on principles from our Red Cap and TASK anger management programs for kids and teens


Setting the Family Table Resource: Twelve family table devotions designed to help families align their homes around a CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused filter. Setting the Family Table serves as a primer for the whole family, and challenges families to take the next steps in their discipleship journey together. 

AUGUST 2020 - Just for Kids:

Ready to Serve: These are modules from our Ready to Serve discipleship program.  Each week’s material includes a PowerPoint slide show with the video clips from the RTS Command Centre and a PDF file with the mission (lesson) material for you to prepare and use at home with your recruits (your children).

"Making the Best Choices" Module: [HERE]
"Who is this Jesus?" Module: 
"Faith Heroes" Module: [HERE]

Anxiety Conversation Guides: Helping a child with anxiety is a challenge. Parents can download these age-appropriate resources to find tips and practical ways to help their children. [HERE]

Crisis Conversation Guides:
 Use these guides to have a conversation with your child or teen and help them navigate tough situations.[HERE]

Partners In Mission Children's Time: This time of year our focus in worship often turns to our partner territories across the globe. While we are at home we can still take time to remember those around the world. The following resources are available: 

Click [HERE] for activities and object lessons you can share at home with your family.

Click [HERE] to visit the World Missions PIM videos and resources.

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