SUMMER CAMP RESOURCES 2020 - Salvation Army Canada

Focus Onscreen Title Graphic

We’re moving from sunscreen to onscreen! This virtual camp resource allows ministry units to connect with their campers, host a week of onscreen camp with them, and follow up with the home after each day! Using the theme of FOCUS, from the Orange VBS material as a Bible base, and surrounding it with games, crafts, cabin group activities, and some other traditional camp features, staff and volunteers can engage groups of campers in a unique five-day camp experience from their homes. The at-home components encourage daily follow up and an unprecedented opportunity to connect the family into what happens at camp on a daily basis. 

The Camp Onscreen resource is designed as a five session virtual camp experience for kids in grades 1-6, hosted on Zoom, with each session running about 2 hours. We suggest running a full week of Mon-Fri camp, or choosing one weekday and running camp on that day for five consecutive weeks. 

Because of the use of graphics, video components and adapted ideas from the Orange Focus VBS material, running Camp Onscreen requires the purchase of a Focus VBS access($139 USD).  

To access the resource in 3 easy steps:

1. Send an email to, requesting access - give us the email address you want the access registered to. We’ll purchase everything on your behalf, and have the charge billed to you directly from THQ. 

2. We’ll send you a dropbox link containing everything you need to run Camp Onscreen, including all video & media content from Orange, all together in one place. If you were to open only this dropbox, you would have everything you need…BUT...

3. We will also send you a link which gives you access to Orange's Focus VBS material, both their standard version and their online adaptation for 2020. If you want to see a ton of additional VBS material on this theme, go ahead and browse through the Focus resource and see if there's anything else you might like to use in your setting. 

We get it - it’s not exactly the same as being together at camp. But we hope this will be helpful in connecting your campers to each other and to Jesus this summer. Together, let’s take a closer look as we FOCUS on him! 

Family Camp Graphic

FAMILY CAMP from Home!
Is your family missing the opportunity to send your kids to camp?  Are you looking for ways to connect with your kids that doesn’t involve screen time?  Why not provide your family with camp experiences right where you are?  FAMILY CAMP from Home! Provides you with five easy to use camp activities that will help you have a camp experience, build connections with each other and God all from the comfort of your own home.  The best part is: No Screens Required!