SENIOR SUNDAY "STARTING NOW" - A digital graduation celebration for your corps graduates and their families
    Middle & High School

    Here’s your FREE curriculum + a guide for a digital service! 

    We hope this helps as you navigate the new reality of reaching students digitally every week. We're in this together and we're grateful for what you do every week. 

    Click on your age group below to download, or choose both! Heads up—they're big downloads so give it some time!

    [XP3 Middle School]
    [XP3 High School]

    Then, download the Digital Experience Guide to get started contextualizing.

    [Digital Experience Guide]

    Ready to Serve:
    These are modules from our Ready to Serve discipleship program.  Each week’s material includes a PowerPoint slide show with the video clips from the RTS Command Centre and a PDF file with the mission (lesson) material for you to prepare and use at home with your recruits (your children).

    "Making the Best Choices" Module: [HERE]
    "Who is this Jesus?" Module: 
    "Faith Heroes" Module: [HERE]

    Ready to Serve Recruits
    Are you running READY to SERVE remotely? Use the My Squad page to post messages, prayer requests, and notes of encouragement. "RTS Recruits" will find activities, devotionals, memory verse challenges, and more to do at home!

    Anxiety Conversation Guides for Leaders:
    Preschool  -  Elementary  -  Middle School  -  High School

    Crisis Conversation Guides for Leaders:
    Preschool  -  Elementary -  Middle School -  High School

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