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Have yourself an Orange little Christmas! Whether you engage families in person or virtually through a Jingle Jam event; teach kids' Sunday School on-line or in-the-room; journey together through Advent with a calendar, at-home decorative banner, or as a series of social media posts; share the Christmas story video with your online community; serve together as a corps family with the Gifts of Hope Tree; or celebrate Jesus' birthday as a family (complete with a cake!), there's something for everyone in the 252Kids resource!

252 Kids Christmas Extras

To find the extras on the Orange curriculum page:

  1. (Make sure you're logged in on the ThinkOrange webpage)
  2. Access the 252 Kids December 2021 curriculum OR click on the "Extras" graphic banner above
  3. Select the "Christmas Extras" folder (second from the bottom).
  4. The Online Experience, Christmas Story Video, Happy Birthday Jesus and Parent Cue Advent Calendar are all available in the dropdown menu as shown:

252 Kids Christmas Extras

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