Season 1

In this episode we sit down with reps from Booth UC, The Salvation Army's very own university, to learn about the school and what it offers.

Find out more about Booth UC at!

In the final part of our three-part conversation about camping ministry Major Terence and Chris discuss camper followup with the group.

In part two of our discussion about camping ministries. The group discusses how to maximize your summer ministry as a camp staff member. Major Terence and Chris join a group of DYs and camp staff from across the territory in this series.

This part one or a three-part series that follows a roundtable discussion around camping in the Canada & Bermuda Territory. In part one the group discusses the important question of, "Why Camp?"

Major Terence Hale sits down with Matt Osmond to discuss Social Media and its use in children and youth ministries.

In this episode Major Terence Hale sits down with Lt. Col. David Bowles to discuss the nature and possibilities of sports ministry for our corps and churches. Check out the Ready, Set. Go resources at:

In the second part of our conversation with Major Stephen Court (Territorial Evangelism Consultant), we discuss how to engage your children and youth in the work of evangelism and spiritual warfare.

In part 1 of a two-part conversation, Major Terence Hale sits down with Major Stephen Court (Territorial Evangelism Consultant) to discuss evangelism and Children & Youth ministry.

On our first episode Kevin Slous joins us to talk about what we mean when we say we are resourcing toward "Christ Centered, Others Focused disiciples."

The CAN BDA Collective Podcast talks with Lt. Col. Jamie Braund and Major Jennifer Hale about Candidate Recruitment.

Members of the CAN BDA YOUTH team comes together to share their top three Christmas resource list. Download a pdf of their ideas at