5k Prayer Run - Salvation Army Canada

5k Prayer Runs

Always pray and never give up! (Luke 18:1)

  • To teach a different way to pray
  • To connect perseverance in prayer with perseverance in physical activity
  • For kids to be Christ’s presence in their community
  • To encourage prayer for others

For children, being physically present in a place they are praying for can inspire their prayers, and help connect them in a real way. Topics on your prayer walk will be directly connected to places and people you see/encounter on your walk. 

Here is a basic outline for a prayer walk:

  1. Introduce & explain the activity, then start with prayer.
  2. Walk/run/scooter the selected route, stopping to pray at both pre-selected locations and for spontaneous prayers along the way. So, if there is a school on your route, pray for the teachers and students. A park or trees could inspire prayer for the environment, etc.
  3. Finish with prayer, thanking God for your experiences & safety as you walked.
For more ideas, check out the resources below!

Start and Finishing Prayers

Simple prayers to use at the start and end of your prayer walk.

5k Prayer Run