Characters - Salvation Army Canada


Each week, local Squads will join the Ready to Serve RECON TEAM on a mission – to solve mysteries, overcome challenges, problems and injustices in the world around them.Why a Recon Team?

As Kate explains it, Recon – Short for Reconnaissance – military observation of a region to locate the enemy or ascertain strategic features: preliminary surveying or research to gather key information.

RTS RECON – gathering information from the Bible to help our Recruits out of sticky situations! The five main characters of RTS Recon are teaching characters, inspired by different elements of The Salvation Army Crest;

  • CROWN – the crown of glory/reward that God gives to the faithful
  • CROSS – the cross on which Jesus died
  • SWORDS – the Sword of the Spirit/Bible – our weapon in the great salvation war
  • S – Salvation for everyone!
  • BLOOD & FIRE – our rallying motto: Under the Blood of Jesus and Fire of the Holy Spirit

On their own, each character teaches significant disciplines and characteristics of our faith – together they provide a balanced picture of growing, spiritual maturity.