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Resources for Parents

Being a RTS Parent

What is Ready To Serve?
Ready To Serve in an interactive program designed just for kids to help them get closer to Jesus, living out the life he intended for them. Ready To Serve Recruits usually gather on a weekly basis to meet with like minded kids and leaders. Together they will watch a simulated uplink to the Ready to Serve Recon Team and participate in games and learning activities that assist the lesson of the day. Recruits are encouraged to log on to the RTS website every day. There are memory verses, daily devotionals, games, prayer ideas, blogs and challenges for Recruits to take part in.

What Can You Expect

  • RTS classes
  • Daily Bible readings
  • Weekly memory verses
  • Extra reading for older Recruits
  • Daily challenges
  • Daily prayer time

How Can You Be Involved?

Getting involved in your child’s Christian walk is the single most important thing you can do as a parent. Your child looks up to you and believes in you. Your support is vital to their growth as a young follower of Jesus. The more interest you take in their Christian walk the more likely they are to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with God.
Ready to Serve is a practical tool The Salvation Army has developed to make this as easy and kid-friendly as possible.

Here are some ways you can get involved with your children through RTS . . .

  • Read the online daily devotionals out loud with the family.
  • Spend time in prayer every day with your family.
  • Make sure they have a Bible of their own.
  • Be available to answer questions along the way.
  • Ask about what they’ve been learning each week in class.
  • Keep them accountable to the daily challenges.
  • Be in-the-know by reading up on the RTS team through this website.
  • Put a parental lock on your internet access.


Many parents say, “Children don’t come with a manual!” Parenting is the greatest task one can take on themselves. It’s a 24/7, 21 year contract with no breaks, holidays or promotions. So, how can one be a great parent when it’s so exhausting! And how does God fit into the picture?

Making Family Time

If you have a young family and feel as though you’re missing out on quality family time, grab your calendar and fill in some of the following ideas that would appeal to you.

  • Bi-weekly family baking time.
  • Daily family dinners. No electronic devices allowed.
  • Weekly games night.
  • Chore hour on Saturdays for all to participate.
  • Sports Night – Get outdoors and enjoy a seasonal sport.
  • Before bed, read out loud a chapter of a novel the whole family will enjoy.
  • Homework Time – Allot a time in the evenings where everyone does homework.
  • Switching Roles – Swap roles with your kids for a Friday evening and let them make the rules and decide activities.
  • Dance Party – crank the music, turn the lights down and have a homemade dance party with everyone’s favourite music.


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