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    VOIT/SEE CONNECT 2: Electric Boogaloo 
    is a territorial youth weekend running MAY 28th to MAY 30th, 2021 on our custom built space in an 8-bit video game style platform, GatherTown.

    Lots to do both on screen and off! Bakeoff challenge, DIY art, Rocket League Solo's tournament, run challenge, comedian, music, speakers and -the ever elusive and intriguing-... MORE (more details at the links below and more to come on the weekend!)

    If you have registered but not received an email with login info:

    1. Check the email that was used to sign up with
    2. If it's not there, email us at CANBDA.youth@salvationarmy.ca
    If you signed up in time for a VIP but haven't received it in the mail yet:
    1. Don't worry! We have a plan so you'll still be eligible for most VIP prizes!
    2. Join us tonight to start off an awesome weekend

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