Salvation Army Canada - Capital Punishment

Position Statement on Capital Punishment

Because Salvationists believe in the sanctity of all human life and in a Christian gospel that offers the hope of redemption to fallen mankind, The Salvation Army in Canada would never campaign for the re-introduction of the death penalty as an ultimate punishment for any crime. It is contrary to our convictions to declare anyone hopeless and deny the possibility of reclamation.

However, Salvation Army territorial administration acknowledges there are Salvationists who very sincerely would uphold the state’s right to execute in certain circumstances.

Long experience of rendering service within the criminal justice systems of many lands, and in ministering both to offenders and the victims of crime, has confirmed The Salvation Army’s continuing belief in the possibility of redemption for all through repentance toward God, faith in Christ and regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

The Salvation Army affirms that society must be protected from the violent criminal. Church, judiciary and medicine must together further explore crime prevention and treatment. Society itself must honestly examine what it now tolerates in mass media communication and courageously legislate against all that reduces the dignity of man, corrupts moral values and incites the worst of human passion.

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Canada and Bermuda
Reviewed 2007

This document briefly sets out the view of The Salvation Army.  This statement articulates the values and principles on which The Salvation Army in Canada takes its stand.

The Salvation Army in Canada offers its community and family services along with other social service programs in a dignified and compassionate manner without discrimination, respecting and caring for people whatever their position is on this issue.