Salvation Army Canada - Family

Position Statement on Family

The Salvation Army believes the family, as the basic community in society, ought to be the principle way in which values and morality are nourished. In an environment of love and respect, children and adults find security and wellbeing. Here they are free to develop morally, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

We believe that the family is ideally rooted in the biblical concept of a marriage covenant of one man and one woman. An enduring commitment to loving care reflects God’s design for family life which allows no justification for abuse.

The Salvation Army acknowledges that families of all types struggle, and at times fail to be communities of love. In following the example of Jesus Christ, The Salvation Army seeks to strengthen marriage and enrich family life, extending appropriate ministries of a caring Christian community to all people in all types of family relationships.

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Canada and Bermuda 2004

This document briefly sets out the view of The Salvation Army.  This statement articulates the values and principles on which The Salvation Army in Canada takes its stand.

The Salvation Army in Canada offers its community and family services along with other social service programs in a dignified and compassionate manner without discrimination, respecting and caring for people whatever their position is on this issue.