Salvation Army Canada - Gambling

Position Statement on Gambling

The Salvation Army takes a stand against gambling that involves the act of risking money, property or something of value on an activity that gives material advantage based on chance and at the expense of others. The Salvation Army opposes gambling on spiritual and moral grounds and because of its tragic social implications.

The Salvation Army is deeply concerned that gambling, used by governments and organizations to raise revenues, has become an accepted aspect of our daily lives. Gambling undermines the true spirit of charitable giving. The Salvation Army’s experience confirms that there are those who disregard personal and family needs to indulge in gambling and may become addicted. Even in its simplest form gambling can lead to excess and undermine the personality and character of the individual. The Salvation Army therefore cautions governments and individuals of the inherent dangers of gambling.

Salvation Army soldiers pledge to abstain from gambling, based on our belief that all our resources belong to God and we depend on Him through faith and work. This position is supported by Scriptural teachings* concerning the responsibility to use money productively, to guard against greed, and not to gain at the expense of others.

                                           *e.g., 1 Timothy 6:3-10; 17-19, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13, Amos 6:1-6

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Canada and Bermuda 2006

This document briefly sets out the view of The Salvation Army.  This statement articulates the values and principles on which The Salvation Army in Canada takes its stand.

The Salvation Army in Canada offers its community and family services along with other social service programs in a dignified and compassionate manner without discrimination, respecting and caring for people whatever their position is on this issue.