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Canada and Bermuda Territory - 2021 Territorial Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Annual Impact Report

In 2021, we launched into year one of Canada and Bermuda’s Territorial Fight For Freedom Strategy – a call to action inviting us to journey with God to bring justice, shalom, and freedom to those on the margins of exploitation.

While we recognize that modern slavery and human trafficking is affecting a staggering number of people around the globe, Canada and Bermuda is not exempted from this social injustice happening within its borders. The Canada and Bermuda Territory continues to believe that we have a unique role in responding and fighting against this growing phenomenon and seeks to listen and respond to God’s leading.

This report highlights the progress we have achieved in year one of our strategic plan and desirable outcomes. We celebrate and rejoice in the MSHT response work that God allows us to partner with Him in as He leads and guides our focus and efforts.