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The Salvation Army’s Illuminate operates six direct MSHTR services and initiatives in Canada for survivors of MSHT. They boldly disrupt the cycles of human trafficking by illuminating public awareness through education, relentless intervention strategies, safe places for survivors to heal, and establishing networks that build back extraordinary lives for those affected in Canada. Their services and initiatives include:

  • PROPEL Survivor Development Centre: Is an outreach program offered to survivors ages 16 and up residing within the general population.    Offered digitally and in person, participants can engage in either full time and part time education, training, mentorship, second stage housing subsidies, employment programs (such as Barista and Cosmetology training), survivor led case management, and registered clinical therapy.
  • DEBORAH’S GATE Safe House: Is a high security safe house and live in program for female presenting survivors ages 16 and up.  Survivors have access to full time programming customized to their needs, individual bedrooms, registered clinical therapy, and beautiful safe learning spaces to begin the road of healing.
  • RENEW Mental Health and Addictions: Is a full time, part time, or online program offering promising practice treatment programming that focuses on trauma, addictions, and mental health in a specialized and multi-modal delivery.
  • LIVING HOPE Life & Living Skills Program: Provides specialized online and in person education, activities, and events that strengthen and enrich the undertakings of daily living, employment, education, volunteering, and social development of survivors.
  • SHIFT Survivor-Led Research Initiatives: Conducts research to learn and respond to the unique complexities of this issue in Canada with survivor leaders engaged in the development, implementation, and evaluation of each research initiative. 

  • United Nations Financial Access Project: As the host site of multiple national financial access projects, Illuminate partners with major financial institutions to give equitable access to survivors of MSHT to develop economic independence and financial viability for their future.  This project is done in partnership with the United Nations Finance Against Modern Slavery Initiative.

All programming offered is specialized for survivors of MSHT and developed in house with survivor collaboration, utilizing a trauma informed, culturally integrative, and de-colonizing praxis.

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