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Freedom Action Framework

Our Freedom Action Framework seeks to be a roadmap as we mobilize and work towards a world filled with justice and freedom.

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We believe prayer is a foundational and powerful tool as we fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

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Raising awareness and addressing the root cause of modern slavery and human trafficking is a vital element decreasing vulnerability.
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The Salvation Army has a holistic view of health and seeks to walk alongside and serve survivors as they regain their physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health.



We support survivors through legal proceedings, enable the prosecution of offenders and work with offenders to restore a relationship with God and society.



The Salvation Army cannot do it alone. We must be ready to collaborate and network with others to achieve our goal.

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We will create internal policies and advocate for external policies that reduce modern slavery and human trafficking and its demands

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Every corps is a resource in this battle. We are often serving those on the margins and in communities where no others can reach

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Ensure our response both contributes to and receives from research and is informed by evidence-based practices.




Fight for Freedom Strategy from ISJC on Vimeo.