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Ontario Division

Toronto Harbour Light Immigration and Refugee Services (IRS)

Toronto Harbour Light IRS strives to incorporate MSHTR work into their daily operations and programming for immigrants, refugees, newcomers, and participants of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.  This includes:

  • Assisting victims and survivors in their application for their Temporary Resident Permits.

  • Assisting victims and survivors in the gathering of documentation and filling out of forms.

  • Assisting victims and survivors in applying for lost passports and other forms of personal identification.

  •  Distributing MSHT information to clients to bring awareness and education.

  • Providing spiritual and pastoral care to victims and survivors.


(416) 682 2491

Regional Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Advocate:
Captain Angelica Hernandez –

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London and Surrounding Area Corrections and Justice Services (CJS)

The Salvation Army’s London and Surrounding Area CJS operates seven direct MSHTR services and initiatives in Canada for both victims and survivors of MSHT.  Led and informed by survivors, they provide safe and innovating spaces for victims and survivors to be heard and supported as they journey towards their well-being, effective intervention and advocacy strategies, and intentional engagement to reduce the demand.  Their services and initiatives include:

  • Phoenix Peer Support Outreach Program: Led by Peer Survivor Support and Outreach Workers, this program focuses on preventing MSHT and supporting women / girl survivors and their families in their journey towards well-being through outreach, case management, referrals, access to support group sessions, provision of hygiene kits and clothing, and assistance in navigating NGO and government systems and structures.

  • Outreach and Prevention Supports: Includes assistance with appointments and services (legal, medical, court, dental, and counselling, etc.) including accompaniment, help with transportation, assistance with application forms, and finding information / answers that create barriers to accessing services.  Support is also provided to victims and survivors in accessing food banks, meal programs, daycare supports, mom and tots and new mom programming, and housing issues. 

  • Emergency Kits: Are provided to the London Police and OPP to distribute to victims exiting situations of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

  • Prevention Awareness and Education: Is provided through public presentation to churches, social groups, educational institutions, NGOs, and civil sector actors throughout the year.

  • The Dignity Project Evening Virtual Drop In – Is private and secure digital meetings that have temporarily replaced their weekly drop-in group during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this safe space, victims and survivors can connect with supportive community, Peer Survivor Support Workers, and be referred to Nurse Practitioners as needed.

  • Journey to Justice: In collaboration with London Abused Women’s Centre, Youth Opportunities Unlimited and WAYS Mental Health Support, this program uses evidence based promising intervention practices to enhance support and equitable access to justice for victims and survivors of MSHT.  Using trauma-informed, survivor centred, cross sectoral, wrap around supports, resources, and tools, Salvation Army Outreach Workers provide survivors support when reporting to law enforcement; information about the criminal justice system to make informed choices; court accompaniment; assistance accessing victim compensation and taking social justice action and needed advocacy with law enforcement and within the criminal justice system.  
  • Sex-Buyers Accountability Program: Is a community based alternative measures program offered to those who have been arrested for purchasing sex.  This full day program seeks to educate sex buyers on the realities of prostitution and human trafficking.  The program consists of speakers from the community, videos, and group discussions.  Topics include: Canadian MSHT, prostitution law, and the Equality Model, the implications of a criminal record, the impact their actions have on the community and their families, and the realities, harm, and trauma caused to those entrapped in prostitution, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking.  The goal of this program is to provide accountability and education while addressing the demand for paid sex as a path to abolition of the sexual exploitation and sex trafficking of women and children.


(519) 432 9553

Ontario South West Regional Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (MSHT) Response Advocate:

 To find out more information about our programming, visit our website at: