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Everyone Everywhere – 2021 International Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Annual Report

The year 2021 gifted us time to focus on learning hot to create spaces and opportunities so that everyone everywhere can participate in God’s mission of responding to modern slavery and human trafficking. 

As a global community, we reflected together on how to shift power and make room for people who often go unheard and / or unseen, to join us and influence our response work.

No matter who we are, where we live, what language we speak, we have something to contribute.  Every single Salvation Army officer, soldier, employee, volunteer, and friend has a place among us.

This report hopes to celebrate and acknowledge how so many people around the world are making a difference, addressing modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT) and helping make justice, freed, and shalom a reality to those we have the honour of journeying with.

While no one can end modern slavery and human trafficking alone, everyone everywhere can do something.  And together, we are getting closer every day.

Everyone Everywhere Annual Report 2021 graphic

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