Develop Coalitions - Salvation Army Canada

DEVELOP COALITIONS: Key Concepts and Ideas

The Develop Coalitions domain of the LEADS leadership capability framework consists of four capabilities. Leaders who demonstrate these capabilities:

Purposefully Build Partnerships and Networks to Create Results

  • They create connections, trust and shared meaning with individuals and groups.
  • They understand the different types of forms for collaborative initiatives and select the type which most suits the aim.
  • They build internal connections between different work units to share expertise.
  • They build positive working relationships with community / external agencies / organizations.

Demonstrate a Commitment to Clients and Service

  • They ensure and maintain service to clients, customers and members at the core of the value proposition for the coalition.
  • They facilitate collaboration, cooperation and coalitions among diverse people and perspectives aimed at learning to improve ministry and service.
  • They demonstrate a commitment to clients and services by directing and continuously translating this commitment into desired outcomes over time. This commitment is not an end in itself, but the means to improved outcomes.

Mobilize Knowledge

  • They employ methods to gather intelligence, encourage open exchange of information, and use quality evidence to influence action across the system.
  • They understand how knowledge resources can be combined or developed to create new ministries, programs, and services.
  • They develop clear performance criteria and assess performance on a regularly scheduled basis, knowing what gets measured counts.

Navigate Socio-Political Environments

  • They know differences can be an asset. They use techniques to foster high levels of engagement and participation to understand the partner’s organizational culture.
  • They adopt a win-win mindset. They know what success means to all partners.
  • They develop emotional resiliency by building one’s self-confidence, optimism, social support, and expression of positive emotions.