Certificate in Leadership Essentials

This program equips up-and-coming leaders with the crucial skills needed to navigate complex communities and work environments. The program redefines what leadership means in our modern world and emphasizes a responsive and collaborative approach to leadership within one’s community or ministry context. We encourage any leader with the desire to deepen their knowledge to apply.

The Certificate in Leadership Essentials (CLE) is delivered entirely online and takes one academic year to complete.

Participants will complete a series of modules covering different dimensions of what it means to be an impactful leader in today’s dynamic work environments. Modules show participants how to develop critical strategies and mindsets for leading in all aspects of the workplace, and include topics like:

  • Leading the Self
  • Leading Teams and Relationships
  • Leading People Practices for Organizational Success
  • Leading Organizations

After successful completion of the Leadership Essentials modules, participants will understand how to be a positive influence in the formation of a complex, interconnected system of relationships we call a “team.” They will have the tools necessary to transform their workplaces and communities into healthy, ethical, and inclusive ways of being. For more information about the modules covered in CLE, visit the program website. 


  1. Meet with your supervisor/manager to see if this certification is right for you.
  2. Apply for the program online.
  3. Visit our forms & resources page to apply for program funding from Leadership Development.