Essential Impact Coaching

    Essential Impact Coaching is an internationally recognized training program that teachers non-directive coaching.  The non-directive approach to coaching is facilitative and helps an individual or group to set their own goals and agenda.

    Where the directive coach acts as the expert and instructor on a given matter, the non-directive coach provides a space for clients to learn and problem-solve on their own. This innovative and dynamic approach to coaching has been taught to thousands of individuals, teams, departments, and organizations across North America and around the world.

    Coaching is a critical skillset for today’s leaders. It equips workplace leaders with the skills to support and empower their employees to succeed. If you are a ministry leader or manager looking for effective approaches to engaging with your diverse team, this is the perfect program for you. Or, if you have leaders in your ministry unit who demonstrate potential for growth in their leadership capabilities, encourage them to apply.

    The Essential Impact Coaching certification incorporates a blend of classroom-style virtual learning, group work, and group practicum sessions.