Advanced Leadership Certification 

    Advanced Leadership Certification

    Have you completed the Foundational Leadership Certification? Are you ready to take your leadership capabilities to the next level with the Advanced Leadership Certification (ALC)? 

    ALC builds on the initial work you’ve done in the Foundational Leadership Certification to give you a well-rounded leadership education. If you qualify for the ALC, you will be challenged to deepen your knowledge of impactful leadership through topics like change management and strategic thinking. The program is self-directed so you can take at your own pace, whether that’s over one year or three.

    Applications for our next cohort open on April 2, 2024.

    Includes the following modules and more:

    • Change Management
    • Decision Making
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Developing Employees
    • Strategy Planning & Execution
    • Stress Management
    • Team Management
    • Attracting and Cultivating Talent (Available in English only)
    • Crisis Management (Available in English only)
    • Delegating
    • 2 Elective Modules

    This Advanced Leadership track provides you with a range of hands-on learning opportunities. Candidates will receive online facilitation training, have the opportunitie to facilitate leadership cafés, and create their own on-the-job action plans.

      online modules

      PREREQUISITE: Completion of FLC

      Broaden the scope of your leadership practice by completing twelve self-directed courses from Harvard ManageMentor®.

       Connect, Collaborate & Share Your Learning

      Participate in at least three Leadership Cafés. Attend a online faciliation workshop. Choose to lead a leadership café at the Foundational or Advanced level.

        leadership cafés

          ACTION PLAN

          Apply Your Skills

          Choose a course and build out an On-The-Job Action Plan for your development that integrates with your PEAC goals.


          1. Meet the eligibility criteria
          2. Apply for the Spring 2024 Cohort (Applications open Tuesday, April 2, 2024).
          3. Attend the ALC Orientation Workshop
          4. Plan, schedule and complete 10 required courses and 2 elective courses.
          5. Register for and attend three leadership cafés.
          6. Attend an Online Facilitation Workshop.
          7. Apply your new knowledge in your day-to-day work by completing an On-The-Job Action Plan.
          8. Receive your Digital Badge for ALC!

          Apply Here Starting April 2, 2024