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    Commissioner Will Pratt Promoted to Glory

    From 1984-1990, Commissioner Pratt served as territorial commander of the Canada and Bermuda Territory July 14, 2011
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    Territorial News
    Commissioner William Pratt, former territorial commander of the Canada and Bermuda Territory, was promoted to Glory from a nursing home at Westbourne on Wednesday, 13 July 2011.

    Born in England to Salvation Army corps officer parents, Will Pratt was the youngest of four children, all of whom became Salvation Army officers.

    Service aboard two Royal Navy destroyers and at a naval station in Egypt preceded Will Pratt's entry from the Ilford Corps into The Salvation Army's International Training College in London in 1946, following the conclusion of the war. A year later he was appointed as cadet-sergeant, specialising in young people's training and, at his commissioning as a lieutenant in 1948, took charge of the Sheerness Corps, located in an English naval shipyard town. He married the then Lieutenant Kathleen Lyons on 12 November 1949.

    Sixteen years of editorial work followed, including an appointment as assistant editor of the 'War Cry' at International Headquarters, and then as editor of 'The Musician'. This long period of editorial experience afforded him an opportunity of undertaking a twelve-week reporting assignment in the Far East, accompanying General Wilfred Kitching. Commissioner Pratt recorded his impressions from that tour in a missionary review entitled 'Tell them in the East'. Furthermore, his basic documentation led to the production of three Salvation Army films: 'Blood of the Martyr, 'Angel with a Bushy Beard' and 'Miracle of Medicine Hill'.

    Three months before The Salvation Army's international centennial celebrations in London, the then Major Pratt was appointed as Director of Information Services at International Headquarters. For seven years he was the Army's official spokesman in London, collaborating in the production of numerous TV, film and radio documentaries about The Salvation Army. In May 1975 Commissioner Pratt was appointed Secretary for Public Relations.

    For sixteen of the years which he spent on International Headquarters, the commissioner was a member of the International Staff Band, where his pleasing platform manner and abilities as a speaker were highly valued.

    In 1978 he became Chief Secretary, USA Western Territory, returning there as Territorial Commander after a brief term as Chief Secretary in the British Territory. He was appointed as Territorial Commander, Canada and Bermuda Territory in 1984, and retired from active service on 31 May 1990.

    We thank God for the life of Commissioner William Pratt, and for the impact of his ministry in the name of Christ. Please join in prayer for commissioner's family – Mrs Commissioner Kathleen Pratt, and for their son and daughter, Graham and Avril – may they know the presence of the Lord with them in these days.


    On Monday, February 8, 2021, Noel Derek Hillier said:

    A distinguished gentleman with humbling & great qualities that have given so many a blessing in to whom he has made contact with, in his long service career. In passing he along with many others like him will be sadly missed, I remember meeting him & his wife on a Sunday morning each week @ Winton & he was allways immaculately turned out a true gentleman. RIP William.


    On Saturday, July 23, 2011, Ira Barrow said:

    While in Editorial work, Oakville, I met Colonel Will Pratt, from California! Two decades later he appointed me as his aide-de-campe, and it was my honor to serve him during his last two years as TC for Canada and Bermuda. He was always a gentleman and Mrs. Pratt always a lady. They appreciated everything, even the little things, I did to help them. There are many stories I could tell but this is not the time. Maybe, someday, I will.

    The Commissioner and I wrote each other a little, after he retired. I still have his well-worded notes. Interestingly, he entered training from Illford Corps, the corps we soldiered at, first, during our stay in England. Also interesting for us, the Pratts married on November 12, as were Amy and I.

    God bless Mrs. Pratt and the family.

    On Saturday, July 23, 2011, Mrs Joy Dean said:

    I had the pleasure of first meeting Will and Kath Pratt in, I believe, 1990. I was employed in The Salvation Army's The Place Next Door Community Centre in Winton, Bournemouth, England, undertaking secretarial and administrative work; and one of the duties from which I gained enjoyment was working with Will when he was responsible for the Corps' The Sword and the Trowel publication.
    Will had wit and wisdom, and had a wonderful twinkle in his eye much of the time.
    Although I had not seen him for several years, I shall miss him; He and Kath hold a special place in my heart.
    R.I.P., Will, God bless you.

    Joy (Dean)

    On Tuesday, July 19, 2011, Robert John Hewitt said:

    Regarding the new songbook, I can't beleive that we, the Army, are printing another important document, such as the songbook, and not capitalizing such words as "He" "His" and any other words refvelcting on the persons of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. When I wrote earlier about this I was told it was proper not to capitalize. I do not accept that. I believe it lessens the diety of the Godhead. I find it insulting to as well. When we claim we serve the "#1 person" should we not honour "Him". While God does 'come down' to where we are and meet us, He is still God.

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