In a new effort to serve the homeless in the community, Estevan Community Church, Sask., is taking its food bank on the road. Two or three times each week, Lieutenant Brian Bobolo, corps officer, drives the Army's community response van around town, looking for people who may need assistance.

“Estevan has a large transient community,” says Lieutenant June Bobolo, corps officer. “A lot of people come here seeking jobs, but when they arrive it's very difficult to find a place to live.” Many of these people end up sleeping in their vehicles, in tents and ravines or on the streets.

Since these people do not have access to a fridge or stove, The Salvation Army provides food that can be eaten straight from the package, such as cans of soup with pull-tabs.

The program allows the Army to reach people who may not know how to access the Army's services. “We want to make sure everyone in the community is taken care of,” says Lieutenant June Bobolo.

The program usually serves 10-20 homeless people each week, and the Army keeps track of the people it serves, ensuring that no one is missed. The van also delivers food to seniors and shut-ins who otherwise would not be able to access the Army's food bank.

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