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  • Feb13Thu

    Salvation Army General Visits Zambia

    International leaders lead worship, recognize service and affirm ministry. February 13, 2014
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    Throughout a God-blessed visit to Zambia, General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox (World President of Women's Ministries) were warmly welcomed by Salvationists, friends and local officials. During their visit the international leaders led lively worship, recognized sacrificial service and affirmed current ministry.

    Territorial leaders Colonels Stephen and Grace Chepkurui were joined by officers and territorial music sections including senior and junior songsters, band, singing company, timbrels and a hosho group (hosho is a traditional rhythm instrument) to give their visitors a lively welcome at Lusaka Airport. Many members of the public gathered to watch and listen.

    The following day, Tuesday, the General and Commissioner Cox flew to Ndola, capital of the country's Copperbelt Province. Having been welcomed by junior soldiers, majorettes, a hosho group and songsters the visitors headed to the Ndola City Council offices to meet the mayor, councillors and the town clerk.

    The mayor thanked The Salvation Army for its work in Ndola and in Zambia as a whole. In his response the General spoke about The Salvation Army's ministry and explained that in coming to Ndola he was actually coming home. He lived in Ndola as a young boy, when his Salvation Army officer parents served at Mitanda Home for the Aged.

    Mitanda Home was the next stop in the schedule. The international leaders met residents and gave certificates of appreciation to donors who help to fund the home's ministry. Later, the General visited the grave of Pierre Demarchi, a Swiss missionary officer who was killed in an accident while serving in Africa in 1960.

    Returning to Lusaka the next day, the General and Commissioner Cox visited territorial headquarters and shared time with officers and employees.

    Zambian Salvationists welcome General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox Zambian Salvationists welcome General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox

    On Friday Zambia's active and retired officers gathered for councils. The day was marked by joyful worship, inspirational testimony and Spirit-led preaching. Both worship sessions concluded with almost 70 officers kneeling at the mercy seat.

    Three rallies were held on Saturday. The territorial youth songsters, band and junior soldier timbrels took part in the lively youth rally, with junior soldiers participating throughout. One junior soldier pledged that Zambian youths will take forward the gospel of Jesus.

    The General encouraged the young people to further their education in order to achieve their goals and dreams. He told his listeners to keep their hearts and eyes open that they may be able to show the light of God through all that they do.

    At the men's rally the General told delegates that if Zambia is to be transformed, it will mean that men must accept Jesus as Saviour. After the Bible message, 46 seekers knelt at the mercy seat.

    The women's rally, with its theme You are Loved, included exciting music, African ululations, gospel dances, timbrels – and fun! Commissioner Cox crowned the 2013 helping-hand "queen" – the woman who contributed the highest amount as an individual towards the helping-hand fundraising scheme. This year's queen contributed around US$3,000. Also recognised were the next two highest contributors – or "first princess" and "second princess."

    Territorial President of Women's Ministries Colonel Grace Chepkurui spoke about women's ministries projects and activities in Zambia, such as feeding street children, offering skills training for street girls, and giving support to hospitals and Mitanda Home for the Aged.

    In her Bible message Commissioner Cox emphasized love and forgiveness. She said that lives can change if women realize how God loves them.

    Sunday was the welcome meeting to the Messengers of Light Session of cadets. The day started with a march of witness, organized according to divisions and including students from Chikankata's School of Nursing, Bio Medical College and Secondary School.

    After the 24 cadets had marched into the hall and been presented to the territorial commander and the training principal, the General encouraged the congregation to rejoice in the house of the Lord. As the Zambian Salvationists danced before the Lord, so did their General.

    Commissioner Cox encouraged the cadets to live up to their sessional name, showing the light of God to everyone.

    In his Bible message the General reminded the congregation that "God always wants to identify himself with people. God comes to meet our everyday needs and he brings joy."

    Almost 100 people responded to the call to meet with God at the mercy seat.

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