Salvationists and friends gathered at Hamilton City Hall in beautiful Bermuda on Thursday, November 12, for the official opening ceremonies of Boundless Bermuda Congress 2015. Under the leadership of General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women's Ministries, the Bermuda Division's four-day event continues the theme of The Salvation Army's Boundless international congress held in London, England, in July.

Lending their support to the General and Commissioner Cox were Commissioner Susan McMillan, territorial commander, Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley, chief secretary and territorial secretary for women's ministries, and Majors Frank and Rita Pittman, divisional commander and divisional director of women's ministries.

The opening ceremonies featured the reading of the Boundless Bermuda 2015 Proclamation by a traditional town crier, greetings from the Rt. Worshipful Charles R. Gosling, mayor of Hamilton, and the Honourable Premier Michael Dunkley, and music from the Bermuda Divisional Band.

In the evening, a special dinner for local Army leaders was held at Hamilton's North Street Citadel. In his address, the General thanked them for their faithful service and encouraged them to mentor young people, to help them grow spiritually and to prepare them for leadership. “Young people are not the Army of the future,” he said, “but the Army of today.”

Bandmaster Jerome Astwood, West End Community Church, concluded the evening in prayer, asking God's blessing on the remainder of congress events that would take place throughout the weekend.

Salvationists enter into a time of praise and worship Salvationists enter into a time of praise and worship

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