In the two articles below, Commissioner Robert Donaldson, territorial commander, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory, cnd chair, Governance Work Stream, and General André Cox explain how The Salvation Army's Accountability Movement, which applies to every territory, command and region around the globe, is examining the Army's governance structures.

The International Governance Review
by Commissioner Robert Donaldson

The current demand around the world for improved governance in profit, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as in Christian churches, arises out of multiple failures of individuals and groups to protect the interest of stakeholders and the integrity of institutions.

The motivation for a review of governance in The Salvation Army is two-fold.  Firstly, to develop the quality of governance, based upon theological foundations, in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation.  Secondly, to meet the required standards for continued registration of The Salvation Army as a religious and charitable organisation, with resulting rights and privileges, in 127 different legislative environments.

The Salvation Army requires a governance structure, at all levels, fit for its God-given purpose in the 21st century. The governance structure might be defined as the framework of rules and practices by which a 'top policy-making group' ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in an organisation's relationship with all of its stakeholders (soldiers, officers, employees, donors, governments, communities).

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Governance Under Scrutiny: Make Our Structures Fit for Purpose
by General André Cox

You will be aware that a significant focus during my term of office is to encourage an Accountability Movement in all parts of The Salvation Army. I have consistently written articles and spoken publicly about convictions I have held for a lifetime and which underpin the essential requirement of being accountable.

While The Salvation Army's mission is to share the gospel and meet human needs, we should not forget the fact that this privilege must always be carefully counterbalanced with the responsibility that comes with it.

God has blessed the Army throughout its 151-year history and today we are responsible for significant resources in terms of people, property, finance and many other assets. These require the highest standards of stewardship and management.

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Both articles reprinted from The Officer.

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