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    The Whole World Mobilising

    Commissioner Rosalie Peddle explains The Salvation Army's new international campaign to unite Salvationists. February 2, 2017 Interview by Major Deslea Maxwell
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    Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World Secretary for Women's Ministries, is the chairperson and co-ordinator of The Whole World Mobilising—Go Forward!, an initiative from International Headquarters (IHQ) designed to unite Salvationists through the use of technology and social media. Commissioner Peddle spoke about the initiative with Major Deslea Maxwell, then editor of Revive, a resource magazine published by IHQ for women in ministry and mission.

    I have been hearing the phrase “The Whole World Mobilising—Go Forward!” What is it all about?
    This is an initiative that the international Salvation Army is embracing in 2017. Our vision is to mobilize the global Army to go forward into the future with faith, courage and resiliency, winning victories on all fronts through the transforming power of Jesus. This exciting campaign will unite the global Salvation Army through the engagement of technology and social media as we share videos, pictures and stories from the 128 countries where we serve. It is an opportunity to recognize the work that is already being done to spread the good news of the gospel, share in daily struggles and celebrate achievements together.

    How did the concept come to be?
    As the General and Commissioner Silvia Cox travel around the world, they continue to hear stories of the impact of The Whole World Praying, The Whole World Reading and the Boundless—The Whole World Redeeming international congress held in London, England, in 2015. We wanted to build on this momentum by seeking to encourage, inspire, train and equip Salvationists around the world to be locally mobilized in God's mission in their cities, towns and communities.

    Why focus on mobilizing?
    Mobilization is vital for the future of the Army, for the spiritual well-being of Salvationists and for the kingdom of God. He has not called his people to be spectators, to be comfortable in our churches, but to be people of action on a mission—to bring people to Christ and Christ to the people. The world is in such a chaotic state that there is a great urgency in our mission.

    What are you hoping to achieve through this campaign?
    We are setting our hopes high! We are challenging all territories, commands and regions to join us in a united and intentional effort to move every Salvationist (regardless of their age) beyond the walls of their corps buildings and out into their communities to share the gospel of hope and transformation that is only found in Jesus. Our desired outcomes are:

    • To have countless Salvationists trained and equipped in outreach skills and strategies.

    • To have the global Army passionately involved in creative local mission expressions.

    • To experience unity across the Army world as Salvationists join together in marching, praying, sharing the gospel and serving both the powerful and powerless within their communities.

    • To motivate and inspire as we celebrate the work and transformation of God in the lives of individual Salvationists, corps, divisions, territories, commands and regions.

    What tools will be available to assist corps and centres to be mobilized?
    The heartbeat of the campaign will be The Whole World Mobilising app and website. These are interactive, relevant, informative and user-friendly tools that will enable Salvationists to connect, participate and celebrate how God is blessing and using the Army for his honour and glory. Resources will be available on the website and app to help with the training and empowering in discipleship, evangelism, prayer, Bible reading and other ways.

    Will The Whole World Mobilising culminate or have a closing date?
    It is impossible to have a closing date. While we will use 2017 to focus on this initiative, we are hoping that the nature, impact and outcome will lead us far into the future.

    There are two significant events that will happen during 2017. Mobilise:Go Children and Youth! will take place
    March 24-26 all around the Army world. And then on October 8, Mobilise: Go Forward! will take place at London's Regent Hall hosted by IHQ with the General and international leaders participating. During the meetings, reports and videos from the global Salvation Army being mobilized in mission will be shown. The event will be live streamed and it will be a great celebration of what the Lord has done and is still doing in the lives of individuals and communities who are experiencing transformation and liberation in Jesus.

    Is there anything else you would like to say about this initiative?
    I invite everyone to pray for The Whole World Mobilising campaign, that the global Salvation Army will be inspired to move beyond its comfort zone, to dream big and impact the world for the kingdom.

    Visit to engage with Salvationists around the world through prayers, events, readings, articles and mobilization activities. Note the British spelling of “Mobilising” when accessing the website and app.

    This interview originally appeared in Revive. Reprinted and abridged with permission.

    Contribute to the Campaign

    The Whole World Mobilising team is waiting to hear from you. They are looking for blog entries, videos and photos that show how you and your corps are mobilizing to spread the gospel. Give specifics. What did you do? What motivated you? What was the outcome? You can also share your testimony, contribute practical ministry tips or write about a social issue that matters to you.

    E-mail your submissions to Melissa Wallace, content producer for the Americas and Caribbean, at Let's celebrate all that God is doing through the ministry and mission of The Salvation Army.

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