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  • Oct8Thu

    Mobilize 2.0 Update

    A program update on the new territorial transformation project. October 8, 2020 by Commissioner Floyd Tidd
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    Greetings all,

    As you may be aware from the August Salvationist articles and vision survey communications, The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda has launched Mobilize 2.0, a transformation project that will include the creation of a vision for our movement so that we know where we are heading, and the development of a strategy that will help us get there.

    The Mobilize 2.0 program has been established to ensure that a mobilized Army is equipped with the following—the “three whys” of the project:

    • A Vision-Aligned Strategy—Intentional development and implementation of a strategy to deliver a vision for the Canada and Bermuda Territory
    • A Holistic Mission-Delivery Model—To ensure a consistent and shared commitment to understanding where and how we deliver Mission.
    • A Mission-Fit Process—To enable effective support of our mission delivery.

    As I mentioned when the project was announced on in August, we want to leverage the work done in recent years to build capacity in our territory that can take our movement to a new level. We have an obligation to inspire and, equally, we are obligated to grow. In order to inspire our territory for mission and position ourselves for growth, some changes will need to occur.

    I would like to take this opportunity to share a program update with you.

    The Mobilize 2.0 team has conducted social research to better understand the aspirations of The Salvation Army across Canada and Bermuda. (You may remember the survey that was distributed in August). We were excited to receive over 3,000 responses from employees, officers, volunteers, and corps members. The shared values, concerns, hopes, and dreams for our Army will all be used to inform our next steps, particularly the creation of a territorial vision statement.

    The results from this survey, paired with interviews and focus groups, will culminate in a vision statement that will provide direction for our movement over the next decade. We are grateful to everyone who offered input, and we look forward to sharing this Vision with you later this year following a review by Cabinet (senior leadership) for consideration and approval by the Governing Council.

    In our conversations with many across Canada and Bermuda, people have commented to Tracey and me on how they feel a stirring in the territory that this is the right time for revival.

    In the October issue of Salvationist, I shared in my Onward column how, in the Book of Ezekiel, transformation begins with the heart and promotes a revived spirit. We want to inspire you in mission as you live out what it means to be part of a movement that exists to share the love of Jesus, meets human needs and strives to be a transforming influence in the communities of our world.

    We understand that no change happens without adjustment; however, we know that as we embark on this transformation project, these changes will help with the ultimate goal of positioning every ministry unit, team and department to be as mission-ready as they can possibly be.

    As we journey through this period of transformation, we will provide frequent updates from the Mobilize 2.0 project team in addition to resources that you can access to learn more about our vision and strategy moving forward.

    Over the past six months, your willingness to grow in the wake of unexpected, rapid change has moved us, particularly as the COVID-19 health crisis beckoned for us to reimagine and recreate. We hold firm to the belief that, through any change, the Spirit of God moves with us and equips us with new heart and spirit (see Ezekiel 36:26), and we cannot thank you enough for your continued commitment to pursuing and meeting mission.

    Photo of Commissioners Tracey and Floyd TiddCommissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd



    On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Major Alonzo Twyne said:

    Wonderful. Thank you. Always plan to let God be in the planning. I’m remind of many guides lines and examples throughout Scripture that are there for us to do or not to do, especially going our way. We see God at work in leading the children of Israel but we also see the devil active in many different situations. I said that to say this: After retiring I had the greatest priviledege to be asked to set up Chaplaincy at one of our Rehabs and be the Chaplain. It was the most exciting appointment of any other to see hundreds of men having an encounter with God in my 10 years there. After 3 years of retiring from the Rehab I still have many men on facebook with their families and church. This is the Army and the mandate from the beginning but The Army since shut down the chapel and let the Godless Program continue. Hard to believe isn’t ; it hard to understand why the Israelites did what they did. Can you imagine going totally the way of the world without God in The SALVATION Army? I fought the taking away of mandatory chapel because it was the most important and exciting part of the minisstry and there were no complaints from the clients. I’ve been away for the Rehab and area for the past three years so I have no idea what’s happening now especially since Covod -19. Please go 100 with God and His guidance because I hate to see the Army go down. Now my Chaplaincy would not be accepted because I did not become Officially a worldly Chaplain. My Chaplaincy goes back to my signing of my covenant in 1974 with the words ‘ I will live to win souls and I will not allow any thing to turn me aside from seeking their Salvation’. I ran into Multi-faith where the bottom line is ‘don’t tell anyone about Jesus.’ I’m free to talk to anyone that’s really interested about this and other matters. Oh, yes I see the many positive things happening. Thanks Commissioner and Team. Go in God’s way and strength with His blesssing.


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