As we continue our spiritual life series, Laura Rowsell explores the second element of our CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused framework: H for Holy God: how the God we worship has revealed himself, how he can be known and how he is set apart as the one true God.

I love the act of worship—gathering with other believers, seeking the presence of God. It’s like nothing else we can experience. It’s so powerful because God reveals himself to us—through Scripture, through his Holy Spirit, through his church. It’s those moments that stir something undeniable in me about the existence of God and his love for us. We can know God. And more than that, he wants us to know him and to have a relationship with him.

But what happens when we’re outside the church walls, at a café with friends or in the midst of a busy work week? What does worship look like then? How can our lives from Monday to Saturday reflect what we experience on Sunday?

The pandemic has given us time to reflect on what true worship looks like. What do we do when there are no worship services to go to, no small groups, no buildings, just us and God in everyday life? Living a life of worship is about seeking daily alignment with God, recognizing his sovereignty and finding him in the day to day. Scripture tells us that he reveals himself to us in many ways. Where do you look for him in your everyday life? Where have you seen him most clearly?

I enjoy connecting with God through his creation. Scripture says, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse” (Romans 1:20). The mountains tell of his magnificence. The few times I have had the privilege of standing on a mountaintop, I have felt so small I couldn’t help being in awe of what I was seeing. But even greater than that is the knowledge that there is a God who created those mountains by simply speaking them into existence. He has revealed himself. We can know his power and we can also know him as a father and a shepherd who protects his people.

I sometimes spend a lot of time worrying, which I know isn’t what God wants for me. So I’ve been asking God to show me what’s important, and to remove worries about trivial, earthly things. There’s an older worship song by American musician Don Potter that simply says, “Show me your face, Lord, your power and your grace, I will make it to the end, if I can just see your face.” This has become my daily prayer during times of worry and fear, but also in moments of joy, because I know he’s there in it all.

Living a life of worship is living life through the lens of God’s Word, a life looking upward, seeking holiness in every situation. Sometimes our humanity gets in the way, and we aren’t what we ought to be, but I believe God’s got lots of grace for that. He did become one of us, after all.

I often pray for the ability to see others through the eyes of God. When Jesus met people, he really saw them, looking past what they had done and what people judged them for. He saw his creation. When I seek to see people the way God sees them, that changes my outlook completely. I believe this is an important part of living a CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused life.

Wherever you are, turn your eyes toward him and ask him to reveal himself to you. Scripture says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13). Ask him to change how you see things, aligned with and centred on him, allowing you to view others through his lens. Spend time reading his Word and getting to know the amazing God we serve. Live a life that is beyond worry, and let your life be a song of worship to God. When we live CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused lives, we’re recognizing that this life isn’t about us, it’s about something much bigger—pointing others to the one true God.

Laura Rowsell is the worship ministries director at Glenmore Temple in Calgary.

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