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Junior Soldier Prep Course 

The Junior Soldier Preparation Course, "Ready to be God's Soldier," provides young people between the ages of 7-12 with a clear understanding of what it means to be a soldier for God, and a soldier within The Salvation Army. This 6-week course has been written to give the young people an understanding and assurance that with God's help they can live up to the Junior Soldier Promise.

The course material is free to download from the links below, and includes a leader guide, student take-home sheets (available at two reading levels), weekly student social media posts, promotional PPT slides, and posters. 

Junior Soldier supplies from Trade North 

Order your supply of these items through the links, or by email here.

  • Junior Soldier Promise Certificate (8 ½" x 11"): Be sure to order one copy of the Promise Certificate for each student in your preparation class. Young people will be invited to sign their certificate during a special enrolment ceremony. Frame each certificate to give them that extra touch! 
  • Junior Soldier PinPresent Junior Soldier Pins to new junior soldiers at their enrolment ceremony. Encourage your junior soldiers to wear them on their jackets or backpacks as a way to remind them of the promises they have made, and to start a conversation about what it means to them to be a member of the church. 
Junior Soldier items from Trade North

Day of Renewal Bulletin cover

Junior Soldier Renewal Day 

Celebrate your junior soldiers by hosting a Day of Renewal! Give your youth an opportunity to lead worship, read scripture, share prayers and lead the adults in learning about what it means to serve God through The Salvation Army. You could also include your Ready To Serve recruits with a joint commitment service! 

Traditionally, January has been the month to recognize your junior soldiers. Download bulletins and renewal cards from the list below, and encourage young people to renew their junior soldier promise. (Available in English and French)

Junior Soldiers Downloads

Junior Soldiers Downloads