Day 49–February 18, 2020 - Salvation Army Canada
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Floyd and Tracey Tidd
Dear friends,

On Thursday, April 9, together we complete the journey of 100 Days of Unceasing Prayer and Shared Scripture. Across the territory we have heard the stories of people being inspired by what they are seeing God do in and through The Salvation Army. People have bonded together in prayer as we lifted up the various ministry expressions through daily, focused prayer requests. We have learned much more about the communities in which we serve.

Thank you for sharing this journey. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for listening to God as he has spoken through his Word in the shared Scripture readings from Genesis to Revelation.

We want to also say thank you to those who have already completed the survey and shared with us what God has been impressing upon your hearts and minds through this journey. For those who haven’t had the opportunity yet, we encourage you to take some time during these days of “staying home” to share your thoughts.

As we began the 100 Days journey, none of us could have ever imagined that we would be in the midst of a pandemic at the end of it. We are confident that God knew what lay ahead. This discipline of prayer and shared Scripture has been used by God to prepare us for these days, and the days that will follow. As we spend these days “social distancing,” let’s remain committed to prayer for one another, and for Canada and Bermuda. Let’s remember to continue to spend time in Scripture.

We continue to count it a privilege to be partners in the gospel (Philippians 1:3-5) and together anticipate all that God has in mind to do in and through his Army of salvation.Yours in Christ,

Floyd and Tracey Tidd, Commissioners
Territorial Leaders, Canada and Bermuda

Day 49–February 18, 2020

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Unceasing Prayer

Ministry Expression
Ridge Meadows Ministries, Maple Ridge, B.C.

A spirit of positivity for new beginnings and new approaches is resonating with our staff and community. God is present here! We need to look forward and to God for the future. We need to be proud of our faith and the work we do.

Pray for patience. Our community has undergone many changes due to mental health and addictions in the last few years and we need patience and time for change to happen.

Pray for our community members who want to see us fail or do not see the work we do. There is a lot of negativity and ill feelings for our work in this community. May they see the good we are doing and understand what is and what is not in our control. Pray for understanding, forgiveness and truth.

Shared Scripture

Jonah 1-4

Have you ever wanted to run away from God? What did you do and why? What lesson did you learn? How would you advise someone else who felt that way?

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