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    Complete Surrender Cadet Patrick Penton had to give up everything to pursue his passion for officership.

    From Just Existing to Living Again

    After her relapse, The Salvation Army welcomed Lesley back with open arms.

    “I was humbled when The Salvation Army agreed to walk alongside me in my commitment to wellness and recovery again,” says Lesley, now sober and volunteering at a local mental health agency.

    Defining Salvation

    It’s in our name, but what exactly does it mean?

    As The Salvation Army, yes, we strive to save souls; we cannot compromise on this point. But we also strive to save communities and to reform the world so that it more closely resembles the kingdom of God. This is the “salvation for both worlds” of which William Booth wrote in 1890 and of which Scripture speaks. That—and nothing less—is the mission of The Salvation Army.

    Interested in Serving Overseas?

    International Headquarters releases new service opportunities list.

    Territorial News
    The Salvation Army is active in more than 130 countries worldwide. With such a wide scope of ministry, there are many service opportunities for both officers and lay personnel interested in serving overseas. Below is a list of available positions in other Salvation Army territories, prepared by the IHQ personnel department.

    The Language of Lament

    We can’t escape grief, pain or suffering—but Scripture gives us a way to respond.

    If we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 nightmare of 2020, it’s that we can’t escape pain or suffering. This has been a year of suffering on a global scale, a year when we learned the true meaning of lament, described by theologian N.T. Wright as “asking the question ‘why’ in the midst of our suffering and not getting an answer.”

    The Ministry of Music

    I came to The Salvation Army through banding, but I found so much more.

    There is no greater gift than using my abilities to worship God and helping others to do the same.

    New International Appointments Announced

    Appointments will come into effect on May 1, 2021.

    Territorial News
    Colonels Edward and Shelley Hill, officers of the USA Western Territory currently serving respectively as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Canada and Bermuda Territory are appointed as International Secretary and Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries, Americas and Caribbean Zone, International Headquarters. They will take up their new appointment responsibilities with the rank of Commissioner: Colonel Edward Hill on 1 May 2021 and Colonel Shelley Hill on 2 May 2021.

    From Kenya to the Caribbean

    Canadian officers serve faithfully wherever God sends them.

    Lt-Colonels Morris and Wanda Vincent have been serving internationally with The Salvation Army since January 2017, first in the Kenya West Territory and now in the Caribbean Territory. Read more about their experiences.

    A Word of Thanks

    One single expression can be the key to facing perilous times.

    Faith & Friends
    Like nothing else, being thankful is the key to facing perilous times. It produces the peace and abiding joy of knowing that God is at work in us, even in the hard days

    The Lord's Prayer

    Drawing Heaven and Earth Together by Donald E. Burke.

    Opinion & Critical Thought
    At a time when, as Canadians, we are confronted with our colonial past, we pray, “Forgive us our debts, our sins," says retired Salvation Army officer Major Ray Harris in his review of Donald E. Burke's "The Lord's Prayer: Drawing Heaven and Earth Together."

    Toronto Grace Hospital Extends Care in COVID-19

    Specialized Care Centre at Toronto Convention Centre to address urgent need for long-term care beds.

    Territorial NewsCOVID-19
    As COVID-19 cases hit an all-time high in Ontario, The Salvation Army’s Toronto Grace Health Centre (TGHC), in co-ordination with the Ontario government, has temporarily set up a Specialized Care Centre at the Toronto Congress Centre in Etobicoke.

    Stand Up, Step Up, Speak Up

    Salvation Army launches modern slavery and human trafficking campaign.

    The Salvation Army is launching a campaign called “Stand Up, Step Up, Speak Up" for Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month.