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    Day 3 – Step Up Through Participation

    Learn how you can participate January 5, 2021 by Hannah Saley
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    Day 3 -STEP UP through Participation

    Every corps is a resource in this battle. We are often serving those on the margins and in communities where no others can reach.

    We are in a position within our communities to join the fight.  With the assistance of your Divisional/Regional/Provincial MSHT Response Advocate you can STEP UP through PARTICIPATION by:

    • creating awareness through your social media
    • participating in training events so that our MU and individuals are equipped to not only better understand the issue, but also prepared to receive survivors
      • Trauma Informed Care – Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking (There is also an on-line training course from the Alberta Health Services). This webinar will be offered as part of the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Certificate.  It will provide an overview of trauma informed care within the field of modern slavery and human trafficking by focusing on:
    • Recognizing trauma and indicators of trauma reactions in the individuals served by programs, as well as staff providing services.
    • Understanding what it means to be trauma informed and how to implement trauma informed care into our programs / services.
    • Identifying effective intervention strategies that can be used when participants have a trauma response.
      • MSHT Certificate Training - Commencing in Spring 2021, we will be offering a free online Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Certificate that anybody and everybody can take.  Comprised of 4 modules / webinars, participants will receive an overview of what is modern slavery and human trafficking, explore the different forms it takes in our Territory, learn more about using a trauma informed approach, and gaining an understanding about our Territorial Fight For Freedom Strategy.  Registration will start in March 2021 on our website.
    • providing pastoral visits with sensitivity awareness by individuals who are trained to have conversations and Spot the Signs
    • taking the opportunity to learn and share with others in your community by hosting and attending seminars, workshops, etc. on MSHT in your community.