God Is Still Calling

New ministry placement program provides an opportunity to explore God’s call in a hands-on way.


The ministry placement program is an opportunity for people to experience life as an officer through job-shadow roles and positions in corps and social services. 

The Easiest “Yes”

For Lieutenant Kaitlyn Young, walking in step with the Holy Spirit led her to The Salvation Army.


"The Salvation Army was and is the best place for me because that’s where God told me to go."

All in the Family

Innovation grants spark new ministries in Buchans, N.L.


The Salvation Army corps in Buchans, N.L., starts a family night theme bag to connect people and give families a fun activity to do at home.

Embracing Equity

How supporting women in agriculture is forging change.


Chrissie is a farmer in Chambo, Malawi. After receiving training in conservation agriculture, her yield rose from seven to 35 bags of maize, enough to feed her family for a year and send all her children to school.

Now What?

As we approach the Easter season, let’s watch, share, wait and pray.

Opinion & Critical Thought

As Christ-centred, others-focused followers of Jesus, we know what to do in the “Now what?” moments. Now let’s watch, share, wait and pray!

An Observable Faith

What is your response-ability?

Opinion & Critical Thought

In this series,  we are exploring our CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused faith. We now come to R—responsibility. We are called to faithfully use all we are for God’s glory. Major Deana Zelinsky reflects on how responsibility encompasses stewardship, discernment and decision-making, relation to authority, and our response to God’s call.

Agony at Easter

I thought my world was coming to an end on Good Friday. But there was hope in the midst of heartbreak.

Faith & Friends

Helena Smrcek thought her world had come to an end on Good Friday. Where was God in the midst of heartbreak?  But Jesus showed her He loves her, no matter the difficulties she faced.

His First Home

Edmonton photographer gives back to Salvation Army shelter.

Faith & Friends

Dickson Obasuyi found himself in Edmonton with $80 and no place to go . Thankfully, The Salvation Army’s Edmonton Centre of Hope provided him with shelter and a fresh start.

A Blooming Mistake

Like my mother and her plants, I need to start looking past the exterior to the heart of a person.

Faith & Friends

After an embarrassing incident with her mother, it occurred to Joyce Starr Macias that there was a similarity between my initial attitude toward the plants and the way we often treat people. By valuing each person as a unique creation of God, she now sees the beautiful blossoms of new friendships developing. "I’m expecting those blooms will keep flourishing even for people like me who weren’t born with a green thumb!" she says.