Day 18–January 18, 2020 - Salvation Army Canada
Floyd and Tracey Tidd

Join with us in 100 Days of Unceasing Prayer and Shared Scripture.

100 prayers from ministry units. 100 essential Bible passages.

Let's discern together what God has in store for the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

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Day 18–January 18, 2020

Filed Under: 100 Days

Unceasing Prayer

Ministry Expression
Trinity Bay South Corps, Dildo, N.L.

Being new to this appointment, we are experiencing God's blessings through being corps officers in a praying corps that faithfully meets for prayer, making it a priority. We have been seeing God move powerfully through the preaching of his Word.

We pray for clear direction from God in how to reach the lost and be more effective moving forward together.

We pray that people would be open to receiving the gospel and that lives would be changed by the power of God.

Shared Scripture

Exodus 6:28-11:10

God judged Egypt harshly with the plagues. Do you think God still judges nations today? If so, what are some reasons for that judgment and some examples of it?

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