From left, Commissioners Rosalie and Brian Peddle, Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley, General and Mrs. Bramwell and Maude Tillsley (Rtd), and Lt-Col Junior Hynes, secretary for program services, share in the installation of the new chief secretary and territorial secretary for women's ministries

The third day of Commissioning 2013 events took place on Sunday at Toronto's Scarborough Citadel with a worship service that included the installation of Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley as chief secretary and territorial secretary for women's ministries.

As the Scarborough Citadel Band presented the march Deeds of Valour, the Disciples of the Cross Session entered the auditorium behind their sessional flag, carried by Cadet Devin Reid.

Cdt Indira Albert shares her testimony

Cadet Mark Young prayed God's blessing on the service before Cadet Indira Albert shared her testimony. Speaking alternately in French and English, she said her call to officership had been confirmed during her time at CFOT and drew attention to the diversity found in the Army of today. “We are many nations but we serve one Lord,” she said.

Following a time of praise by the CFOT worship team, Commissioner Brian Peddle invited Colonels Mark and Sharon Tillsley to step forward to be installed as the newest members of the territory's leadership team.

Supported by his parents, General and Mrs. Bramwell and Maude Tillsley (Rtd), Colonels Tillsley pledged to uphold the Bible, the Army flag and all it stands for, to make the mercy seat the focus of their ministry and to accept spiritual responsibility for Salvationists.

Before Colonel Mark Tillsley shared from God's Word, Colonel Sharon Tillsley read the Scripture and greeted the congregation. In his sermon, Colonel Mark Tillsley emphasized the significance of sanctification in a believer's life. He encouraged everyone to ask for a baptism of love from God to better minister to those in need.

Many knelt in response to the chief secretary's encouragement to rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ.

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(Photos by Timothy Cheng)


On Sunday, December 22, 2013, Robert Beauregard said:

Je vous souhaites à tous les deux un joyeux Noel et une bonne année !

Je prie souvent pour vous et surtout pour que vous continuiez dans la voie que le Seigneur à tracée pour vous.

Je vous embrasse et vous aime avec l'amour de Jésus.

Jean-Robert Beauregard

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