An interpretative dance by the Bill Booth Theatre Company

Several Salvationists quietly gasped at the conclusion of a moving dramatic presentation by the Bill Booth Theatre Company at Friday's Celebration and Praise night at Canada Christian College in Toronto. The skit featured a man being interrogated by a police officer and a woman, asking why he did not share his faith with his girlfriend. The man defended himself with various excuses, but the interrogators explained that God is love and showing love means sharing God. At the end, an emotional twist revealed that the man's girlfriend had died and the man was free to go because he “didn't do anything.”

The dark and thought-provoking performance resonated with the hundreds of Salvationists in attendance and tied in with the evening's theme to Proclaim his Glory Across the Nations and to do so boldly.

The Canadian Staff Band led Salvationists into worship

The Canadian Staff Band enthusiastically led attendees into worship with significant choruses like Heart to God, We've a Story to Tell to the Nations and They Shall Come from the East and the worship team from the College for Officer Training led Glorious Day.

Other performances by the theatre troupe, hailing from Chicago included interpretative dance, an enactment about what it means to be God's masterpiece and an upbeat effort to list through song all 126 countries where The Salvation Army is at work.

Cadets also contributed throughout the evening, beginning with worship led by Cadet Shawna Goulding, a prayer by Cadet Dae-Gun Kim and a Scripture reading by then Cadet Ricaurte Velasquez.

The theatre troupe made an upbeat effort to list through song all 126 countries where The Salvation Army is at work

Commissioner Brian Peddle, territorial commander, ended the night by sharing a personal experience of a man who approached him during his travels and, upon confirming he was the “man in charge” at The Salvation Army, thanked him for saving his life.

“Couched in all that you have heard tonight is a reminder that we need to welcome people into the kingdom of God,” said Commissioner Peddle. “You and I get to be the instruments in which someone grabs your hand and says, 'You saved my life!' ”

The commissioner prayed that Salvationists across the territory would carry the life-giving, life-saving gospel message to everyone in their sphere of influence, their family and friends.

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The Bill Booth Theatre Company strengthened the theme to Proclaim his Glory Across the Nations


On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Sonjahat said:

I wanted to take a moment to point out that, though God is certainly not limited by us, we are still called to share the gospel with others. I am reminded of the song "You're The Only Jesus". We are the only example of Christ that some will ever see. That is why it is our responsibility to share Him with them. That was the message of the skit. Not the limitations of God, but the repercussions of our own pride.

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Donald Jefcoat said:

Great article on the Friday events. The other day I was having a discusion with a friend, brother in Christ and a man I gave first training to in leadership (I was a Beaver Scout leader, He was a Scout wo was a Scouter In Training). Several years later we often have chats as leaders in the faith. We got into the discussion of contempory practices in the church. Dance, interpative art, skits, worship, etc.

His original point was that only tried tested and true material should be in the church, drums and music plays on emotion, And scripture should only be found in directing the message of God. I think he was taken back when I called him a hypocrite. Thankfully he didnt end our conversation. See the wonderful song Amazing Grace that we hold so dear as an athem of salvation is set to the tune New Britain. The choice of music was Folk and in that day contempory. Then I refered to Paul a man that was considered a great leader, guide, and consultant in the Christian Faith and wrote a good portion of what we refer to as The New Testament. Paul wrote and spoke in ways that the people of his day understood, he even quoted at least once that is recorded a line writen by pagans. He in his time was contempory. Jesus the object of our Faith spoke in ways the people in his time understood and I know of at least one time where he had a person stand infront of the crowd to point out his message. He had called a young boy out of the crowd to demonstrate the importance of faith (trust/obey) and instructed to be as a little child.

I was not there, I cant say for sure I would have liked the act but that is all based on style preferences. The reality is we need to share our faith with others in a way they understand. For some it is drama, for some music, for some dance, for others actions, and the list goes on. If the message of the drama at the very least caused ones heart to reflect then it did its purpose. If it causes debate that strengthens a persons stance great, if it evokes a change for Gods Glory I say amen.

Can I offer a suggestion I would love to see you commission an artist durring a commissioning. Have them paint on a canvas not visible to the congregation and in not a distracting way. I would love to see such a work and to see how the spirit works in that median of art.

God Bless the Officers commissioned, the new Leaders (Cheif of staff and his ife sorry forgot her positional title) God Bless the Salvation Army.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013, markbraye said:

there is something so wrong about the skit mentioned in the opening of this article. i agree that sharing our faith is important. i agree that we are called to do so, when appropriate. but the skit is so extreme and manipulative. it also paints a picture of God's salvific work in Christ being limited by us. as if salvation occurs because people tell other people about it. there have to be better ways to highlight the importance of sharing Christ. there have to be healthier ways to highlight the importance of sharing Christ.

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