Children gathered for a 'sweet' morning of singing, dancing, and games at the children's M&M event on the Saturday morning of territorial congress.

Mesmerized faces entered the candy-clad room where volunteers greeted them with high-fives and smiles. “I love the colourful lights on the ceiling!” said seven-year-old Megan from Saskatchewan.

Kevin and Sheryl Slous, youth ministers from New York, used the M&M chocolate theme to teach the children about the mission and movement of The Salvation Army. Following a time of music and competitions, the children received a visit from General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women's Ministries.

“I hope you realize just how special you are in God's sight,” General Cox told the children. “Rejoice because of the love that God has shown to you.”

For 12-year-old Hayden from British Columbia, meeting the General was a very special occasion. “My favourite part was dancing and making a video with the General!” he beamed. General Cox and Commissioner Cox jumped and danced with the kids while singing What Does General Cox Say? a parody of the viral music video What Does the Fox Say?

With glory flags in hand, this new generation of Salvationists walked away with a happy face and a chocolate-covered smile.

General Cox then convened with youth at the Tell the General workshop, where he engaged in an open discussion about faith, mission and the direction of the Army. Joining him in the hot seat was Commissioner Brian Peddle, territorial commander, and together they answered questions relating to the territorial and international vision of The Salvation Army.

Jalianne Li from Moncton, N.B., asked about the integration of contemporary arts into the Army's ministry. In his response, General Cox said, “Contemporary arts are much more mainstream … we need to use every talent and gift that God gives us.” Questions about integrating traditional values with contemporary ministry sparked a discussion of outreach goals.

“We are called to a practical expression of God's love in the world, and that is the spreading of the gospel message,” commented General Cox. “We need to meet the needs of people in the community where they are.” The General continued answering questions about new corps programs and touched on the positive, lasting effects of historical ministry operations. “If we see them as people and not as a statistic … that's where revival happens,” said General Cox.

While sharing his vision for youth in the Army, the General encouraged everyone to “allow your spiritual roots to be nourished in the word of God.” Faith, as the foundation of the work of The Salvation Army, is vital for the salvation of the world.

With his final remarks, General Cox urged the youth of the territory by saying, “Be sure of where your spiritual roots are. You are not the army of tomorrow, you are the army of today.”


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