A large, illuminated cross on the floor in front of the platform at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ont., set the tone for the afternoon ordination and commissioning of the Disciples of the Cross Session.

The afternoon commenced when the 17 cadets and one auxiliary-captain who were to be commissioned entered the auditorium as their photographs and names were presented on large screens. Reaching the platform, they knelt, sat or stood in moments of dedication as they sang the words of I'm In His Hands, and Major Brenda Allen, training officer at the College for Officer Training (CFOT), Winnipeg, read from the Word of God. The Disciples of the Cross then took their places on the platform with the Heralds of Grace Session.

The Mississauga Temple Band performsThe Mississauga Temple Band performs The Mississauga Temple Band performs

Commissioner Brian Peddle, territorial commander, acknowledged the presence of General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women's Ministries, before leading the congregation in singing Crown Him With Many Crowns, supported by music from the Mississauga Temple Band (Ontario Central-East Division). Major Ann Braund, director of spiritual formation, prayed that the Hershey Centre would become holy ground as the events of the service unfolded.

Major Jamie Braund, principal, introduced and commended the new officers to the territorial commander. He explained that 15 cadets had completed their training in the traditional residential program at CFOT, two had participated in field-based training and one auxiliary-captain had been leading a corps with her husband, who was commissioned last year. Offering words from Ephesians 1, he expressed his prayer for the cadets that they would move forward in God's strength.

Major Jamie Braund addresses the cadets Major Jamie Braund addresses the cadets

Always a significant part of the ordination and commissioning service, the presentation of the Officer's Covenant was carried out by Cadet Indira Albert. Commissioner Silvia Cox then read from 1 Peter 5.

In preparation for the ordination and commissioning portion of the service, Major David Allen, assistant director of academic studies, led the congregation in singing When I Survey the Wondrous Cross before the Disciples of the Cross recited The Salvation Army's 11 Doctrines. Colonel Mark Tillsley, chief secretary, took the cadets through their Declaration of Faith, and accepted their promises.

As Commissioner Brian Peddle commenced the ordination and commissioning, he explained that the cadets had earlier signed their Officer's Covenant and were now making public their commitment to serve God through The Salvation Army. “They have entered into a covenant relationship with God and that first step of their journey has begun,” he said.

Major Jamie Braund called the names of the cadets and they moved to the front of the platform where they knelt in dedication of their lives and then moved to stand before their territorial leaders.

Lieutenant Sharon Tidd is commissioned by Commissioners Brian and Rosalie Peddle Lieutenant Sharon Tidd is commissioned by Commissioners Brian and Rosalie Peddle

“I recognize that God has called you and gifted you for sacred service. I now ordain you as a minister of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and I commission you as a Salvation Army officer with the rank of lieutenant,” said Commissioner Brian Peddle to each of the cadets. Commissioner Rosalie Peddle then shared a portion of Scripture that had been chosen for each new officer.

In a prayer of dedication, Commissioner Silvia Cox said: “You see your servants standing before you. We are asking that you bless them and give them power to fulfil their calling. We ask that you watch over them, and protect them and give them power to proclaim your name.”

“You are not called to rank or position. You are called to service,” said the General in his challenge to the new lieutenants. “We are to serve as an example to our people, and we are to watch over those that God has entrusted to our care. Not out of a sense of duty, but … willingly.”

Turning his attention to the congregation, General Cox invited those that have been called to serve God as Salvation Army officers to join him on the platform. With the large cross before them, a great number of people moved from all areas of the arena to indicate their willingness to accept God's plan for their lives.

Colonel Mark Tillsley extended an invitation to the foot of the cross for those desiring to deepen their relationship with the Lord. As the congregation sang All That I Am, many surrounded the cross to kneel in prayer. Major Shona Pike, territorial secretary for candidates, offered a prayer of thanksgiving for those who had stepped out in faith and for the new lieutenants.

Before Colonel Sharon Tillsley, territorial secretary for women's ministries, pronounced the benediction, the congregation declared their commitment to Christ by singing My Jesus I Love Thee.


The Disciples of the Cross Session The Disciples of the Cross Session


The Disciples of the Cross sing their sessional song The Disciples of the Cross sing their sessional song


Lieutenants Randy and Cathy Shears receive the salute Lieutenants Randy and Cathy Shears receive the salute


Seekers gather at the cross-shaped mercy seat Seekers gather at the cross-shaped mercy seat


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Watch the Commissioning and Ordination service below:


On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, Cpt Milfred W.A.. Harper said:

I cannot believe that at the age of 71 that I would be called into the ministry by JESUS CHRIST.
If so then I will go.

On Sunday, June 22, 2014, Marianne Tzaut-Hausdorff said:

Thank you for making it possible, in Switzerland, to share with you these great moments. Unfortunately, I have not been able to catch the beginning of the meeting, I do not know why....
Llooking forward to be with you today. God bless you all

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