These 10 articles were the 10 most-read articles on in 2020.

10. Saved to Serve
Vince Cusack was at his lowest when he encountered God and The Salvation Army.
by Ken Ramstead

When asked to encapsulate his life, Vince replies, “God loves us all and nobody’s ever lost. I want my story to be heard because if one person can identify with where I’ve been and where I’m at, that will give them hope.”

9. The Face of God
Why Jesus’ race matters.
by Darryn Oldford

Portraying Jesus as Caucasian reinforces colonialism and can make him a symbol of oppression.

8. Graduating in Faith
My last year of high school looked much different than I expected, but I've grown spiritually.
by Jenna Reid

As a 2020 graduate, Jenna Reid's senior year and prom day looked much different than she had anticipated.

7. Peace in a Time of Pandemic
The message of Philippians and COVID-19.
by Aimee Patterson

It would not surprise Aimee Patterson if Philippians 4:6 remains the most-read verse today. COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, whether we have been infected or not.

6. Thy Kingdom Come
New lieutenants ready to share the gospel with the world.

On June 20, the Canada and Bermuda Territory welcomed new officers in the Messengers of the Kingdom Session.

5. To God Be the Glory
Behind the Salvation Army salute.
by Captain Sheldon Bungay

Did you know that The Salvation Army also has a salute? We raise the index finger of our right hand above shoulder height, pointing to God, as a way of saying that God deserves all glory and praise.

4. From Heartache to Hope
When we lost our child due to a premature birth, I chose to trust God—even in the midst of grief.
by Joshua Bailey

Joshua Bailey and his wife Kristin faced a heartache no parent should ever face—the loss of their child, But in the midst of their grief, Joshua chose to trust God.

3. Answering God's Call to Full-Time Ministry
Cadets and auxiliary-captains welcomed in the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

On Sunday, September 20, the Canada and Bermuda Territory welcomed 16 cadets in the Messengers of Reconciliation Session to the College for Officer Training in Winnipeg in a special livestreamed welcome service.

2. Transplanted Love
Majors Keith and Shona Pike's marriage vows took on deeper meaning when he needed a new kidney.
by Ken Ramstead

When Major Keith Pike needed a new kidney, his wife was determined to be there for him.

1. Hometown Proud
Lt-Colonel Sandra Rice returns to her roots in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Salvation Army officer Lt-Colonel Sandra Rice describes her "inescapable calling" to be a corps officer.


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