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    Battle Ready is built on the idea that "a Salvation Soldier lives a life marked by a CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused faith, in sacred covenant," and aims to educate and train teens through interactive means, preparing them to make the decision to live as such. By fully participating in the 14 Training Units, weekly Deployment Challenges, and connection with other spiritually mature adults, teens who choose to make the step of Salvation Soldiership should indeed be "BATTLE READY", having explored the Soldiers Covenant, its Scriptural foundations and practical expression-ready to engage their world as they live in and live out the salvation story today.

    Battle Ready

    • Battle Ready - Full Textbook Download

      Complete download (includes all resources and handouts) as a single pdf. DOWNLOAD PDF
    • Unit 1 Resources Download

      6 resources: A Christ-Centred Faith worksheet, An Others-Focused Faith worksheet, A Christ-Centred Others-Focused Faith handout, Answer key, Soldier Up deployment challenge, Person of Interest Guidelines
    • Unit 2 Resources Download

      2 resources: Canon Ball of Yarn cutouts, Canon deployment challenge
    • Unit 3 Resources Download

      7 resources: Triple Thread handout, Triple Thread answer key, I am Who I am handout, I am Who I am answer key, Names of God Prayer Starters, Holy God deployment challenge, Redemption Coupons
    • Unit 4 Resources Download

      5 resources: Sin & Redemption handout, Sin & Redemption answer key, Redemption Coupons, Living the Gospel handout, Redemption deployment challenge
    • Unit 5 Resources Download

      4 resources: Three R's handout, Three R's answer key, Walk of Repentance signs, Inward Change deployment challenge
    • Unit 6 Resources Download

      3 resources: Holy Set Apart Batman handout, Set Apart signs, Set Apart deployment challenge
    • Unit 7 Resources Download

      3 resources: Alpha and Omega signs, Canon Ball Cutouts with descriptions, Triumph deployment challenge
    • Unit 8 Resources Download

      3 resources: Prayer Station signs, Outward Focus deployment challenge, Battle Ready Soldiers Covenant
    • Unit 9 Resources Download

      2 resources: Making It Stick handout, Tenacity of Faith deployment Challenge
    • Unit 10 Resources Download

      4 Resources: Retail Item images, Changing Clues scoresheet, Two-sided Coin handout, Holy Living deployment challenge
    • Unit 11 Resources Download

      2 resources: Biosketches, Engaged in Ministry deployment challenge
    • Unit 12 Resources Download

      3 resources: What's in Your Hand handout, Responsibility Deployment Challenge 1 & 2
    • Unit 13 Resources Download

      5 resources: Stations of Salvationism signs, Epaulette Mashup (greyscale and colour), Salvationism Deployment Challenge, Invitation to Covenant, Soldiers Covenant.
    • Unit 14 Resource Download

      One page: Invitation to Enrolment