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Getting Started

We’re excited that you’re interested in leading a Ready To Serve Local Squad.

There are several things you’ll need to get started on your adventure!

1. First and foremost – If you and your leaders have not completed The Salvation Army’s four step Ministry Workers’ Screening Process – you should do so BEFORE you register for access to the Ready to Serve website. (This will help to speed up the registration process and will help to ensure that all workers have taken steps to provide a safe learning environment both on-line and in the classroom.) The Ministry Worker Screening Process, and instructions on how to register for the Armatus On-Line Abuse Training Course can be found at

2. After completion of the screening process, visit and complete the registration form. This will officially register you as the Leader and your corps. A Ready To Serve Squad Leader Confirmation form will be sent to your Corps Officers, asking them to confirm that you have completed the Ministry Workers’ Screening Process. Once you’ve been accepted you will be sent login information – which will give you access to the RTS Leaders website – where you’ll find all the lesson outlines and resources you’ll need.

3. Once you have completed your leaders registration, you will find all the information for you and your squad to register on the Recruits Website where you will find devotionals, character blogs, games and more. At this site you can post prayer requests and reminders to your squad. The recruits can also post prayer requests.

Once you’ve gained access to the RTS Leaders website – take time to go over the lesson outlines with the DVD. You’ll see they’re easy to follow. However – if you’ve got questions – contact us and we’ll help you get started! Are you ready to serve?