Familiarity & Employee Engagement

To permeate every corner of the organization, our core values need to be part of the everyday language in the workplace and a point of reference for any circumstance. Employees must understand what each of our core values means in their context. This involves building a common understanding of our core values and the behaviours and expectations that come with them. Language is the easiest way to accomplish this. By using our core values ‘words’ regularly we connect the action and behaviours expected at your ministry unit with our core values. A united understanding and commitment to our core values will contribute to greater effectiveness and cohesion.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to motivate and engage employees in a meaningful way. Employees must understand that what they are doing is important to the organization as a whole.  Employees should also know they are expected to and will be held accountable for, behaving in line with our core values. This begins with seeing our core values modeled by their leaders.

To build familiarity and engage your people with our core values you can:

  • Post the values in public places so they are easily visible. Posters can be downloaded here.
  • Designate people as values ambassadors who are charged with actively supporting our core values in your ministry unit.
  • Complete the Values, Beliefs, Behaviours exercise. This exercise connects values with beliefs and behaviours.
  • Create a formalteam values commitment with your team or ministry unit.
  • Start a weekly or monthly core values circle using discussion questions on values.