Below you will find a list of resources that address the issues of racism, diversity and racial justice. They come from a variety of perspectives external to The Salvation Army, and are provided to broaden and deepen our conversations amongst ourselves and in the world at large. Should you have suggestions to add, please forward them to


University of Toronto Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work Diversity and Equity Resource List

Harvard Business Review – Confronting Racism at Work: A Reading List

Anti-Racist Organizational Change: Resources & Tools for Nonprofits

Robin DiAngelo – White Fragility 

10 steps to Non-Optical Allyship

University of Toronto Anti-Black Racism Reading List 

Shree Paradkar – FAQs about racism and answers you may find challenging

Kristen Rogers - How to be anti-racist: Speak out in your own circles

The Salvation Army International Positional Statement - Racism [English] | Access in various languages HERE

Richard Coekin - George Floyd: A White Christian's Response

Shannen Dee Williams – The church must make reparation for its role in slavery, segregation

Marc Antoine Lavarin – Instead of ‘we can no longer be silent,’ try ‘we got it wrong’


TED Talks - Talks to help you understand racism in America

National Film Board of Canada – Anti-racism Films

Grace-Edward Galabuzi – Unraveling the Interplay Between Diversity and Race in the Canadian Experience

MPP Jill Andrew – Statement on anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism in Ontario


Anti-racism resources for white people

United Steelworkers - Anti-Black Racism and Anti-Racism Resources

Government of Canada Anti-racism resources

"Sadly, we often fail. We must face our own disgraceful legacy of racism and prejudice, here in Canada and in Bermuda. We are not immune. The unjust treatment of Indigenous people, immigrants and refugees, people of colour, and all who are marginalized is a shameful part of our past and our present. There is a need for repentance. We can do better. We must do better, by God’s grace." - Commissioner Floyd J. Tidd

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