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 DOWNLOADS:Natural Church Development**Logic Model for Program Evaluation**Congregational Life Cycle Assessment**  Flourishing Congregations
Source(s) Christian Schwarz' global research project Evaluation theory/social service Alban Institute/organizational theory  Flourishing Congregations Institute (Ambrose University) national research project
Support in Canada and Bermuda Corps Ministries Dept. Corps Ministries Dept.* Corps Ministries Dept.  


Cost Survey cost ($375-400 + tax) and/or resource books and/or facilitator cost Free manual and/or facilitator cost Free guide and/or facilitator cost Free survey and report
Commitment 1-2 year cycle A minimum of 4 hours of logic model and custom evaluation development and ongoing use of evaluation Minimum of 1 assessment meeting with necessary follow up to decide how to respond  One congregational survey and meeting to decide how to respond
Concept Leadership learning cycle that uses a survey to identify levels of 8 quality characteristics to raise overall health that facilitates growth One page flowchart of ministry logic that provides opportunity to design custom evaluation process used by leadership Identification of position on bell curve diagram of life cycle that stimulates conversation about next steps  Survey of congregation that enables congregational review of many elements of ministry
Complexity Medium Medium Simple  Medium
Includes Discernment of Action/Response? Yes – the survey should initiate the NCD cycle Yes – evaluation that is created should be used regularly by leadership No - will need to create a custom response and strategic plan  No – will need to create a custom response and strategic plan

* Special thanks to the Social Services Department for providing a manual on the development of logic model program evaluation.
** Documents are linked to the table headings.

For conversation about which congregational health assessment tool may be most appropriate for your corps, you are invited to contact the Consultant for Church Planting and Congregational Revitalization (James Watson – cell: 519-503-5997 or ­View James on LinkedIn

You can also follow James on Follow James on Twitter for updates and brief news snippets.

Note too that there are a number of resource people available through the Corps Ministries Department to consult on specialized areas of ministry.­ See our Contact Us page under Home.