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    There are three recommended training resources and an adherent training available to engage people in exploring membership.Find the details and ordering information here: SOLDIERSHIP TRAINING RESOURCES

    The Post-Quarantine Church - Session with the Author

    Six Urgent Challenges - Opportunities

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    The Post-Quarantine Church,  Thom S. Rainer (Author) .
    Tuesday, November 2, 2021    1:00 PM EST

    Don't miss this opportunity to hear Thom S. Rainer speak about these important areas for consideration as we move to an era of the post-quarantine church. 

    Maximize Online Ministry

    10 Ways

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    Ten things you must do to maximize your online worship ministry.1. Present the gospel and invite listeners to become followers of Jesus!2. Pray for listeners - and offer to pray for their concerns.  Provide  phone, email or contact form online for prayer requests.3. Communicate your upcoming events, and invite listeners to attend or

    Book Recommendation

    The Post Quarantine Church

    Ministry Resources
    A great read.  Thought-provoking questions.  Engage your leadership team in some serious strategy thinking around these six challenges.