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    Start preparing now for the fall Home Missions Focus Fund. Information will be distributed by Divisional Headquarters outlining this years' projects.
    Envelopes can be ordered online in bundles of 50 (please only order enough for one year) from Supplies & Purchasing for locations holding in-person worship.

    Bulletin covers, bulletin inserts, graphics and slides are now available for download: Home Missions Focus Fund

    Orange Shirt Day

    an opportunity to learn more about the Orange Shirt day

    Ministry Resources
    ORANGE SHIRT DAY One Session:September 29, 20221:00 PM - 2:30 PM  EST Presenters: Capt. Cyrstal Porter Mjr. Shari Russell REGISTER

    Base Network for Everyone

    How to implement and maximize this model

    Ministry Resources
    A small group learning series introducing the base network model for strategic missional advance. Dates:  September 21 - October 26, 2022 (weekly) 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Presenter:  Mjr. Stephen Court, Territorial Evangelism Consultant REGISTER

    Introduction To Revitalization

    Small group learning opportunity

    Ministry Resources
    3 Sessions September 14, 18, & October 12  2:00 PM (ET) Presenters: Major (Dr.) Mike Puddicombe, Corps Officer Major Peter van Duinen, Corps Officer Dr. James Watson, Corps Health and Planting Consultant REGISTER

    Antioch Agenda

    reimagine cultural diversity in our contemporary communities

    Ministry Resources
    Referencing the church in Antioch as a starting point, we will reimagine cultural diversity in our contemporary villages, neighbourhoods, regions and cities. Date:  September 27, 202212-3 PM ET Presenters: Rev. Tim Tang, Director of Tyndale Intercultural Min Ctr Capt. Crystal Porter, Assoc. Indigenous Min Cons. Dr. James Watson, Corps